The new precariat with James Bloodworth, Jeremias Prassl and Kate Bell

April 20, 2018

The gig economy has the potential to revolutionise work, offering more independence for workers, but this ‘flexibility’ can easily turn into insecurity and exploitation. And while app-based bosses are new, the age old issues of low pay and precarious work remain prevalent across Britain’s labour market.

In his new book, Professor Jeremias Prassl offers an engaging account of work in the gig economy, highlighting the competing narratives of on-demand gigs offering entrepreneurial flexibility, and precarious work controlled by user ratings and algorithmic surveillance.

Journalist James Bloodworth offers further insight in his new book through his experience of working and living off the proceeds of gruelling low paid jobs in Britain over six months.

The two are joined by Kate Bell, head of economics at the TUC to dicuss what can be done.


Fixing housing with Dame Kate Barker, Neil Young and Lindsay Judge

April 18, 2018

The last decade has seen housing at last work its way to the top of the political agenda. From much lower home ownership and higher housing costs for younger generations, to the sharp increase in families living in less secure rented accommodation, there is now a cross party consensus that Britain faces some serious questions on housing.

But now comes the hard bit – does Britain have any housing answers? What policies might make a difference to home ownership? What can be done more immediately to provide more security for those bringing up children in the private rental sector? And how can politics step up to the depth and breadth of our housing crisis?

Intergenerational Commissioner Kate Barker and CEO of Get Living housing provider Neil Young and RF's Lindsay Judge debate possible policy solutions to the housing crisis.


Wealth taxes, with Charlotte Pickles, John Muellbauer, Laura Gardiner and Torsten Bell

March 6, 2018

Britain owns a record £13 trillion of wealth – a figure that has grown much faster than GDP in recent decades, while the share of tax collected from it has stayed the same. Given the huge fiscal pressures Britain faces in the coming years and decades, from an ageing population and rising health costs to falling home ownership and poor social mobility, is Britain’s under-taxation sustainable? What does the future hold, and the past teach us, about wealth taxation in Britain?


John Muellbauer, Professor of Economics, Nuffield College, Oxford

Charlotte Pickles, Capitalism Editor at Unherd

Laura Gardiner, Principal Researcher at the Resolution Foundation

Torsten Bell, Director of the Resolution Foundation


The consequences of Brexit: adjusting to a post-EU labour market

June 14, 2017

Session three of our conference 'Britain at a crossroads: Shaping the nation’s post-Brexit labour market'.

Featuring: Minette Batters, Deputy President, National Farmers' Union; Stephen Clarke, Research and Policy Analyst, Resolution Foundation; Rain Newton-Smith, Chief Economist, CBI; Jonathan Wadsworth, Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Economic Performance, LSE; Gareth Vale, Marketing Director, Manpower Group.


Addressing people’s concerns: how should the world of work change?

June 14, 2017

Session two of our conference 'Britain at a crossroads: Shaping the nation’s post-Brexit labour market'.

Featuring: David Willetts, Executive Chair, Resolution Foundation; Lindsay Judge, Senior Policy Analyst, Resolution Foundation; Kate Bell, Head of the Economic and Social Affairs Department, TUC; Sir David Metcalf, Director of Labour Market Enforcement; Matthew Taylor, Chair of the Taylor Review into Modern Employment Practices.


Where are we starting from? The changing state of the UK Labour Market

June 13, 2017

Session one of our conference 'Britain at a crossroads: shaping the nation’s post-Brexit labour market'. 

Featuring: Torsten Bell, Director, Resolution Foundation; Neil Carberry, Director for People and Skills, CBI; Helen Dickinson OBE, Chief Executive, British Retail Consortium; Paul Gregg, Professor of Economic and Social Policy, University of Bath; Alan Manning, Professor of Economics, London School of Economics.


Joseph Stiglitz talks to David Willetts

March 2, 2016
David Willetts talks to Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz about his new book Rewriting the Rules of the American Economy: An Agenda for Growth and Shared Prosperity and also touches on differences between America and the UK.

Adair Turner talks to David Willetts

December 18, 2015

Adair Turner talks to Resolution Foundation Executive Chair David Willetts about his new book Between Debt and the Devil in the first of a new podcast series from Resolution Foundation.